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Find Your Seat at the Table for Suicide Prevention

…WHO’s suicide prevention campaign, “When it comes to suicide, a few words can make a world of difference.” Suicide impacts all of our lives, and none of us wants to lose a loved one, colleague, or community member to suicide. We all have a seat…
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Suicide and the Holidays

…that 700,000 people die by suicide each year – that is one person every 40 seconds. Rates vary by country, but it is a global phenomenon. Suicides accounts for 1.4% of all deaths globally with 79% of suicides occurring in low-and middle-income countries. Suicide occurs…
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Two Suicides in One Week?

suicide rates declined dramatically, and among rural women under the age of 35, suicide rates dropped by as much as 90%. In contrast, a report this week from the United States Centers for Disease Control shows that suicide rates have been rising in every state over the…
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Surviving Suicide Times Two

…know and what we do to advance mental health around the world. Resources for suicide support and prevention are available from the World Health Organization, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. A listing of lifeline crisis services around the…
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Men, Mental Illness, & Suicide – Your Questions Answered

…week I wrote about the high-profile suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain in the context of the rising rates of suicide in many parts of the world, including the United States. The estimate of 15,120 suicides per week (or 2,160 per day) is a global…
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The Long Shadow of Trauma

suicide on others. After the recent Parkland and Sandy Hook suicides, she warns that these first suicides, coupled with the anniversary of the Parkland shooting, and the reporting, could be associated with increased risk for other suicides. 3. The idea that we can “take care…
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…year of its launch. 1. What is 988? It is the newly-launched official three-digit number people can dial from anywhere in the United States to be connected to the national suicide and mental health hotline. Previously known as the Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 988 Suicide &…
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Innovative (Women) Leaders in Global Mental Health

…the national expert on suicide risk and prevention. Her science has been central to developing media and reporting guidelines to prevent the contagion of suicide among youth as well state- and national-level suicide prevention programs. Ruchira Gupta. Ruchira is a pioneer and activist focused on…
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Mental Health Decisions in this Era of Information Overload

…people are using CBD even without robust evidence of its effectiveness for mental health. 2. Are Facebook’s Suicide Prevention Tactics Misguided? Facebook’s policy of marking and responding to potential posts about suicide has caused controversy around data privacy, the accuracy of artificial intelligence, and Facebook’s oversight…
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Language Matters

…conditions have significant behavioral components. People commit crimes. Suicide is not a crime. By talking about “dying by suicide,” we remove the assumptions of volition and blame and make room for a better understanding of how mental disorders significantly increase the risk of people dying…
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What Martin Luther King, Jr. Knew But Never Said

…returning home and learning that his grandmother had passed, racked with guilt, he jumped from a second-story window. MLK’s suicide attempt is a good illustration of why one of the most effective strategies to reduce suicide rates is the removal of easy access to lethal weapons….
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