Kathleen M. Pike, PhD

Ninety Years and Counting

This Monday, my dear friend, Jim Spool (AKA Grandpa Jimmy), will be ninety years old. Born on December 3, 1928, Grandpa Jimmy arrived on earth the same year that commercially available sliced bread was invented. Really. It was also in 1928 that scientist Alexander Fleming discovered a particular mold in

Putting our Heads Together

The news comes at us rapid fire these days. And this week, I am sure I am not alone in my struggle to make sense of the tragedy of another school shooting, the embattled state of immigration policy for “the Dreamers,” the high level plea bargains and payments to sex

Happy 103rd Birthday, Lucy Ozarin!

Lucy Ozarin – one of the first women psychiatrists to serve in the Navy and one of only seven women psychiatrists to serve during World War II – turns 103 today! I had heard all kinds of superlatives about Lucy from my mother-in-law, but when I had the honor of

Restaurant of Order Mistakes & other ideas with Dementia in mind

Today is my dad’s 85th birthday. Of course, he wishes his golf game were better, and we wish he would wear his hearing aids more regularly, but all in all, life is good for this kid from the Bronx, and we will celebrate with extended family in Italy this summer.

Have You Had “The Conversation?”

My mother turned 85 last month. Sitting at lunch to celebrate, we had a conversation about how she wants to live this last chapter of her life, how she wants to die, and even what music she wants when people come together to say goodbye. Sound morbid? Actually, my mom

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