Kathleen M. Pike, PhD

WHO Announces Adoption of New International Classification of Diseases

Imagine playing golf and not having words for birdie or bogey. Imagine preparing dinner without the guidance of cookbooks that describe what a soufflé is and what the ingredients for lasagna are. The ICD-11 is the organizing volume, the guidebook, that captures our current knowledge for all health conditions, including

What Would Women Say?

Today is International Women’s Day. We have much to celebrate around the world. Rates of education for girls are up. Maternal mortality is down. And women are speaking out. Just a few weeks ago at the Academy Awards, as the young female filmmakers of the documentary, Period. End of Sentence,

Not Just Skinny White Girls

This week is 2019 Eating Disorders Awareness Week. Championed by the National Eating Disorders Association, with the theme Come as You Are, programs around the world are hosting awareness raising activities and connecting people who might be struggling with an eating disorders to others who can help. I have worked in this field for

Super Bowl Mental Health

With over one hundred million viewers, the Super Bowl is one of the most widely watched American broadcasts of the year. It is the quintessential sports spectacle of strategy and strength. Football players are famous for their size and muscle, but some are making headlines in another important way. These

Masculinity, Toxic Masculinity & The Best Men Can Get

This week, Gillette released an ad campaign that has ignited public discourse — including over 20 million views on Youtube — about what should be considered “normal” male behavior and what needs to go for men to be “the best men can get.” Gillette’s tagline is thirty years old. It has

Hello 2019; Goodbye 2018

With the start of a new year, we all engage in some form of accounting – taking stock of the last twelve months and setting resolutions for those on the horizon. In doing so, almost universally, we focus on aspects of our lives that are intimately associated with our mental

Fat and Happy

I am in Sydney for the Eating Disorders Research Society Meeting, an annual and global convening of leading scientists in the field. Having arrived a day before the program opened, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours walking along the famous stretch from Bronte to Bondi. As serendipity

“Wow! That’s about all I can say – Wow!”

When I had the opportunity to travel to Ukraine with Project Kesher, I found myself recalling the magical children’s book by Kevin Henkes, Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse. The lovable Lilly is so awed by the world around her that many times her only words are, “Wow! That’s about all I can say

Men, Mental Illness, & Suicide – Your Questions Answered

“Huh…what?” I have heard from many of you over the past few weeks with questions regarding my posts on men, male athletes, mental illness, and suicide.  Your questions bear repeating and warrant replies. Sometimes the data are difficult to believe, and sometimes they are difficult to describe. So, here’s some

Seeing the “Men” in Mental Illness

Despite all the advances in gender equity over the past decades, recent events have filled the media with plenty of reminders that women still suffer from glass ceilings, lack of family-friendly work policies, and the threat of sexual harassment. Less obvious is a particular form of gender inequity that comes

An Award of Our Own

Last week, I wrote about the Academy Awards and the ways in which mental health themes were addressed in certain movies nominated for Best Picture. This week, we had the privilege of presenting an award of our own. The Global Mental Health Program Award for Innovation in the Arts was presented

More than a Bowl of Soup

I love Thanksgiving. I love the colors of fall, the crisp air and blue skies, and the Macy’s Day Parade – for which I will be a garden gnome this year in case you are watching!  I love that it is always on a Thursday, turning a workday into a

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