Kathleen M. Pike, PhD

Year: 2019

Five on Friday 2019

Dear Readers,  Another year of musings on mental health. We have covered a lot of ground. From grief to burnout to the benefits of boredom. From psilocybin to what the American Founding Fathers knew about

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A Lot More Than Happy

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! And today, Happy Birthday to my son, Brendan! Happy is good. But this time of year can be emotionally intense. Sometimes overwhelming. And it is common for us to experience

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How To Change Your Mind

That’s the first part of the title of Michael Pollan’s most recent best-selling book. The rest of the title is, What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence. Pollan

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Get the Popcorn

I am just recovering from my Thanksgiving food coma!! How about you? Whether you are in America celebrating Thanksgiving weekend or down under celebrating the coming of summer; whether you like your popcorn with butter

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Vaping, Lung Health, and Mental Health

Many times we conflate addiction with the use of illegal substances. In fact, the two substances that have the highest rates of addiction around the world are completely legal – and for some also lethal. We’re

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Canine Companions and Mental Health

Canis lupus familiaris. Man’s best friend. We all know that is Fido (or for me, Nike). No other interspecies relationship compares to the one that exists between humans and dogs. And this week at the

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Yesterday, the streets and halls were filled with ghosts and superheroes, princesses and fantastical dragons. Between an all-day meeting and a work dinner, I was able to sneak away for a couple of hours to

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OMG! Too Many Options

Ingenuity. Productivity. Creativity. Opportunity. It is all great. To a point. And then… you have the cereal aisle in the supermarket. No Sugar. Natural Sugar. Whole Wheat. All Natural. No Artificial Colors. Gluten Free. Super

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Find Your Seat at the Table for Suicide Prevention

Last Thursday, October 10 was World Mental Health Day. An international day for mental health education, awareness, and advocacy. This year’s focus was suicide prevention. We participated in various advocacy initiatives, including raising awareness that

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